Simply Living NC is a beautifully written blog of inspiration on how-to live a simple life!
Living a simple life includes a living with less lifestyle full of fun DIY projects, as well as home, houseplant & garden ideas.
Traveling on a budget is something we also pride ourselves in. We look forward to sharing our free and low cost NC Lifestyle, Travel and Entertainment ideas. Throughout our journey into a simple life, we have also found money saving tips and tricks to help transform you into the simple life of your dreams!
Finally, we will share photography diy projects and professional photography tips inspired by our beloved photography alongside our inspirational quotes!
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Enjoy the Inspiration Blog of a Simple Life Living with Less|DIY Houseplant & Garden NC Lifestyle

Houseplant & Garden

Who doesn’t love their home & garden?
No matter big or small, we all love making our house a home and filling our gardens with houseplants!
Our love of Plant Life will fill your soul’s with inspiration of growth inside and out as we share our favorite indoor houseplants and outside gardens. Our personal gardens will be shared, as well as local gardens, native plants, and gardens throughout our journeys.

DIY & Crafts

There’s just something fulfilling about a DIY project!
To know you accomplished something all on your own is just down right satisfying! We will help to inspire your next DIY Home & Craft project.

Simple NC Lifestyle

Oh to be “simple” it’s quite the free flowing feeling to be!
Gone are the past days of “more is better” now are the days of “less is more”
Less is indeed…the new more! We will help inspire you to live a life full of less stuff, less bills, less clutter and simple recipes!  All while fulfilling your heart with things that TRULY make you smile!
Keep what’s important, fill your home with pretty and meaningful things, but yet not too much “stuff”
Colors that make you feel happy, spaces that soothe your soul, and front porches to rock away your days.
….stay tuned, we will share them all!

We at Simply Living NC would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to join us at our beloved lil’ Blog inspiring other’s to fill their souls with simplicity.

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