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Garden Care of your Favorite Flowers & Veggies, Tackle those Dreaded Garden Pests, Sharpen your Tools, Build Beds and Amend your Soil.

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Plant Lover Gifts

Looking for Plant Lover Gifts? You've come to the right blog! I'm a plant lover and I love gifts. I love getting them and

What is a Cucamleon

What is a Cucamelon you ask? Cucamelons also known as Mexican Sour Gherkins are Tiny Melon Shaped Fruit. These cuties are somewhat unknown to

What to do for Yellow Jacket Stings

What to Do for Yellow Jacket Stings!Just got stung by a Yellow Jacket Bee?No worries, I got ya covered with a couple easy treatments (please note I

Zinnias; Your Guide to The Colors of Summer

There's just something about Zinnias, almost as if they represent the coming of Summer!Summertime Colors, Summertime Happiness....over and over again. That patch of endless colorful flowers you


Hutzler Mini Colander garden basket, Small, Eggshell Blue

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Tenax 57603440 Garden Plant Trellis Netting (6.5 feet x 15 feet)

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Blundstone Men’s Chelsea Boot

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DIY Custom Vegetable Garden Fence; black cottage design | Simply Living NC

DIY Custom Vegetable Garden Fence

Black cottage design step by step guide

Let’s talk about your DIY Custom Vegetable Garden Fence with our Black Cottage Design! Are you tired of deer and other animals getting into your garden and eating all off your veggies, yet you don’t really care to put the drab deer fencing bought at the big box store? I’m here to help I’m super excited to share our custom design with you! Adding a DIY Custom Vegetable Garden Fence to your home or cottage will provide you with a one of a kind custom feel with an elegant visual to flow within any landscape or homeowners yard.

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