define LIFE; a blog about life.
It’s really that simple.

This is me, writing about Life as I see it.
What is this thing we call Life all about?
…to Love Life, is to Love One’s Self.

define LIFE; a blog about life
photography & illustration by: Erin S.

I sit here with my mac upon my lap, a blank screen looking back just waiting to have it’s white space filled. I think to myself what is Life?
Should life be defined as a one line statement? I think not.

Let me bore you for a brief moment….
(Life defined within the Cambridge Dictionary)

LIFE |noun:
-the period between birth and death
-a particular type or part of someone’s experience
-the period during which a machine or object that produces power works
-energy or enthusiasm

Even within the dictionaries we are taught to rely on for the pure definitions of the words we use, “life” has many meanings. Therefore as I write this Blog titled as the most simplest of words “LIFE,” it is full of the most in-depth of thoughts. Grab yourself a cup of coffee…I may be a while.

What is Life to me at this very moment?
Life according to E (E that would be me, the E within the E+C, aka Erin S.)
I’m gonna be real. I mean after all that’s what this blog is all about The Snapps in front of the lens being real. That being said, to be perfectly honest with you, LIFE at the moment is me with my feet propped up, in a big comfy chair, laptop upon my lap typing about LIFE while every so often glancing across the room looking at my Cute C (he would be the C within the E+C, aka Corey S.) He’s over there reading about our next cameras.
It’s cold as heck outside because we are currently having some sort of winter half-jacked burst of 30 degrees or below here in North Carolina.
… what do we do when it’s cold on the coast?
We stay indoors; write blogs about LIFE & read about cameras….
and there you have it, that is my life at this moment.

Boring, right?
If you are still here reading along then I’ll let you in a lil’ deeper of this crazy mind of Erin Snapp. Let’s get a little less boring, let’s go deep.
LIFE………. (those dots? they would be the silence of my brain, pausing)

My life could seem simple, or completely complicated.
My life could seem barebones boring, or perfectly paced.
My life could seem a delightful dream, or a nasty nightmare.

In my eyes my life is Love, Blessings, Stillness & Workloads.
In my eyes my life is my Art & Photography defined through creations.
In my eyes my life is full of silly worries & sometimes big worries,
and those worries = Anxiety.…yes lots of Anxiety.
That’s indeed a blog within it’s self!

Suppose you could compose the Dictionary Definition of LIFE, what would your life’s definition description be?

Erin’s Life as a Dictionary Definition | noun:

-the period between birth and death
Erin established in the 1970’s with a heart & soul stuck in the 80’s, loves art, photography, & has a passion for happiness.
-a particular type or part of someone’s experience
Erin experienced the time of her life swimming with dolphins on her 40th birthday with her sweet C by her side.
-the period during which a machine or object that produces power works
Erin is much like the life of a wind-up toy on coffee.
-energy or enthusiasm
Erin’s art & illustrations provide life within other’s smiles.

….and so I ask, what would your Life as a Dictionary Definition Be?
I’d love so much to hear your definitions in a comment below!
Don’t be shy, it’s a fun!

the E in the “E & C”