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Crystal Salt Deodorant is a Natural Safe Alternative to Chemicals found in many other deodorants.
If you are like me, you’ve heard about the danger found in chemically filled deodorants that may lead to cancer. This fearful information in addition to my extreme sensitivity to artificial fragrances brought me to my love affair with this crystal salt deodorant.
Please note, I received not one single thing for free and I am not sponsored by this company or connected in anyway. This is my honest goodness opinion and I’m sharing it with others who may be going through the same search I was.

Being a professional photographer working on the coast of North Carolina requires me to work in sunshiny environments. We all know, the Carolina Sunshine can lead to some not so fresh smelling underarms. The more deodorants I tried, the worse I would smell.
It was a never ending constant battle of working in sunshine, stinking from sweating in the sunshine, applying more deodorant to only realize I smelled even worse by the end of the day! I would smell of sweat and whatever fragrance filled my chemically induced underarm product of choice at that time.
What was this girl to do? I was on a mission to find a fragrance free, safe alternative that would actually make me feel fresh!

After reading other’s reviews, I learned about this method of using crystal salt under my arms…could this possibly work? Much to my surprise I’ve realized Salt isn’t just as a part of the Sea or just another cooking ingredient!


Crystal Salt Deodorant a Natural Safe Alternative to Chemicals | Simply Living NC


Crystal deodorant is a natural, none toxic deodorant that blocks odor for up to 24hrs. Their Fragrance Free versions are created with Potassium Mineral Salt (a natural mineral salt that helps prevent odor) alongside a few other ingredients that include: Water, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda that helps absorb odor) Benzoic Acid (a preservative found in tree gum) and Zinc Gluconate (a natural preservative)

Another bonus is that Crystal Deodorant is Cruelty Free, meaning it is not tested on animals. For those of you who enjoy a fragrance, they do offer a few non-fragrance free options that include natural fragrances created with essential oils. I personally haven’t tired those, since I was in search of a fragrance free option.


The Crystal Deodorant line offers Roll-On, Spray, Body Spray, Solid Stick, and Mineral Stick + Stone)
I have not tried their Solid Stick, however I do enjoy the other three.
My Personal Favorites are The Roll-On and The Body Spray.
Corey (my hubby) prefers The Stick-Stone) They are very affordable ranging in price from $4 to $6

Crystal Salt Deodorant a Natural Safe Alternative to Chemicals | Simply Living NC
Crystal Salt Deodorant a Natural Safe Alternative to Chemicals | Simply Living NC
Crystal Salt Deodorant a Natural Safe Alternative to Chemicals | Simply Living NC


Recommendation is to apply Crystal Deodorant of freshly cleaned armpits. I found this to be quite easy after my evening shower. I like to use both the Spray and Roll-On. It seems to prevent a barrier for odor. I do follow up the next morning with the same application.
If I’ve had a really sweaty day, will apply the spray throughout the day simply because it’s a nice refreshing spray for my entire body…not just under my arms.
The stick-stone requires it to be moistened prior to use. Please remember this is not an antiperspirant and you will still get sweaty, however if you will not stick in most cases.
I did find it took a couple of weeks for my body to adjust to not having that pile of scented antiperspirant under my arms.


I quite enjoy my Crystal Deodorant Salt products. I find them easy to use, they leave no white messy residue on my clothing and I no longer suffer from headaches produced by fragrance filled products, and I find the simplicity of these products just work. I do tend to buy several at a time online, simply because they are hard to find in my area at my local store. Once in a while I will see the roll-on at the grocery store, however it’s just easier for my personally to do my shopping online to ensure I always have them on hand.

My final thoughts are simply if you are in search of a natural, fragrance free or even if you prefer a fragrance filled deodorant, then give Crystal Deodorant a try!
I hope this bit of information was helpful to you. Feel free to leave a comment below of your own experience and if you too enjoy using alternative methods to the society driven deodorants.

Thank you for enjoying my Blog!
I sure do appreciate it and would love to hear from you in the comments!
Peace, Love, and Simple Living Friends!