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Pothos Houseplants are one Easy to care for Low Light Plant!
No need to worry about not having a green thumb.
You can Worry Less with this Easy to Grow green flowing beauty.
Stay tuned and I’ll share the many reasons you will fall in love with the Pothos Plant!


Your love will forever flow for this simple for low light lover.
Not only will you fall in love with the Pothos being one of the easiest houseplants to care for, you will also fall in love with it’s beauty! It gracefully flows wherever it may decide to grow; or maybe I should say wherever you decide to allow it to grow.
The Pothos will start out as a young lush table top plant, thereafter you may find yourself moving it to a bookshelf or hanging it from the ceiling to enjoy it’s trail of beauty.


The origin of the Pothos plant is from Australia, China, Indonesia, India and Japan.
Today it can be found all over the world as a much beloved houseplant.
It has a fancy botanical name of: Epipremnum aureum, while it’s common simple names are Devils Ivy and Pothos. As a houseplant it will grow to about 6 feet in length, and is very easy to propagate which I explain later. Pothos are long living houseplants and some have been known to live for 20 years or more! You can even purchase one online at Amazon without leaving your home, cool right?

Pothos Houseplants Easy Low Light Plant

Pothos Houseplants Easy Low Light Plant | Simply Living NC



Pothos plants are one of the most popular low light plants.
They enjoy a variety of lighting, however low light is typically their happiest of places.
That being said, the “Varigated Pothos” may need slightly a bit brighter light to avoid losing it’s variation of green and white. Your Pothos will let you know if it’s receiving too much light by turning it’s green leaf to a pale shade
My personal Pothos plants enjoy their North facing windows with filtered indirect sunlight, they are placed about 1-2 feet away from the window and thrive nicely among my other plant babies like my Lemon Tree and Pilea!


This is an interesting topic, simply because the Pothos plant can live in both soil and water alone! When planted in soil, the Pothos will enjoy to their soil drying out between waterings.
I personally prefer using cactus soil for my Pothos, it’s one of my favorite types of soil because of it’s drainage qualities. When growing in water alone, it’s that simple….all you need is water! I’ll explain more about propagation in a moment which involves this water process.


Any plant container will provide your Pothos with a happy life as long as it has proper drainage. Mine live in glazed pots simply because I found the pots on a great price sale and thought they were pretty.


Oh my goodness, the Pothos plant is one of the easiest plants to propagate!
Simply snip off a long trailing piece and plop it in your favorite glass bottle filled half way with water. In a couple of weeks you will start to see roots form. Thereafter you may transfer it to soil and a pot or you may leave it growing in the water.
Make sure you change your water weekly.

Pothos Houseplants Easy Low Light Plant | Simply Living NC


There are a few varieties of Pothos.
-Jade Pothos is a dark green color.
-Marble Queen Pothos is a marbleized color green and white.
-Golden Pothos is green and yellow variegated version.
-Lime Pothos has bright green leaves.
-Neon Pothos has yellow leaves
(My personal FAVE is my Marble Queen, she’s quite the beauty and I can’t wait to watch her trail)

Pothos Houseplants Easy Low Light Plant | Simply Living NC

-Please note, Pothos are toxic if ingested. Avoid ingested by animals and humans.
Pothos are typically pest and disease free, however they can acquire root rot, black spot, scale and mealy bugs.
I unfortunately had to deal with a mealy bug infestation when I first brought home my Green Jade Pothos, however a treatment of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab applied to each area took care of them.

The Pothos is a gorgeous simple easy to care for houseplant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Blog. I’d love to hear if you have a Pothos Plant you love?
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