Plant Lover Gifts


Looking for Plant Lover Gifts? You've come to the right blog! I'm a plant lover and I love gifts. I love getting them and receiving them and thought what a perfect

Plant Lover Gifts2021-11-03T21:06:24+00:00

How to Propagate Air Plants


Are you wondering How to Propagate Air Plants, commonly known as Tillandsia. There's nothing more exciting than seeing your beautiful Air Plant growing a lil' baby pup! When it's time to

How to Propagate Air Plants2021-10-02T00:47:17+00:00

How to Water Air Plants


How to Water Air Plants is always the famous question with these beauties! These Easy to Care For, Hardy Little Plants that Thrive on The Air We Breathe...the Air Plant. Spikey, Flowy, Pokey, Wispy,

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PILEA Peperomioides; the happy houseplant


Have you ever had a houseplant that makes you happy? Pilea Peperomioides truly bring smiles to my soul & happiness to my day! Otherwise known as the Chinese Money Plant & Friendship Plant will

PILEA Peperomioides; the happy houseplant2021-09-28T17:28:04+00:00
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