What to Do for Yellow Jacket Stings!
Just got stung by a Yellow Jacket Bee?
No worries, I got ya covered with a couple easy treatments (please note I am not a medical advisor)
These at home treatment steps are what has worked for my family after those very painful yellow jacket bee stings.

I’ve tried my best to make it SUPER EASY for you and provided an amazon link to each item.
I feel it’s BEST to always have an At Home Sting First Aid Kit.

What to do for Yellow Jacket Stings

My Poor Husband Was Simply Mowing the Yard when hit Ran Over a Nest of Yellow Jackets. This is his Back! Photography by: Simply Living NC

What to Do for Yellow Jacket Stings

  • Step One:

Wash the stings immediately with soap & water.

This Yellow Jacket Sting Home Treatment is a MUST!

  • Step Two:

This Sting Treatment is a MUST HAVE in your Home First Aid Kit!
Simply Apply as Directed. It Truly Works!


  • Steps 3 & 4: 


Apply Ice as Needed to the Stings. We like to use THESE Ice Packs. It’s always best to have multiple ice packs on hand. This ensures there is always one to have ready at hand when needed.
Make Certain to place a thin towel between your skin & the ice pack to avoid burning your skin

Apply This Cream

As a Sensitive Family, we have found THIS Hydrocortisone Cream works the best for us. We have used it on our very sensitive faces. This is a Cream we always have in our kit!
I have found generously applying it to the sting and placing these cotton pads on top, helps the cream to absorb deeply into the sting.

As a Note: If you feel you may be allergic, having an allergic reaction and/or infection…Contact Your Physician.

Thanks a bunch for enjoying my Blog! I surely hope you don’t have to use the treatment…however it’s always BEST to have a Kit on Hand Ready for those Unexpected time! Hopefully I have helped a wee bit with What to do for Yellow Jacket Stings!