My Drawing inspiration is inspired by the most random of places, things, emotions and feelings within my heart. It’s providing Self-Love to Myself.

My DRAWING inspiration:

…DREAM doodle by: Erin S.

When asked about my DRAWING inspiration; what inspires me to draw, to doodle, to illustrated, honestly I can’t answer with a one worded answer.

It all started with Crayons…

For as long as I can remember I have been drawing. I even have a one of my very first drawings which I created as a little girl!
It all started with Crayons, I loved them…the smell of them, the rainbow of colors throughout even the smallest of crayon boxes. I loved mixing colors, shading with them, and sharpening them to create what I thought to be the perfect outline.

Next Came Colored Pencils…

I remember the moment these colored pencils came into my life, a bit like crayons yet so very different. I shaded, I outlined, I erased and I fell in love. I fell in love with outlining first, then coloring in thereafter.


my Doodle Journals

For the Love of Sharpie….

Who doesn’t love a “Sharpie”
Sweet Sharpie of Mine you will continue to be my FAVE!
Throughout my many years I have enjoyed Sharpies of All Shapes and Colors! I SERIOUSLY have sharpie everything from my Converse Chucks to Art Upon my Wall. To this very day I continue to enjoy using a Very Fine Tip Sharpie Pen as my choice of Journaling Art.

My oh My, Digital Design…

Then the magic happened!
Like My oh My Drawing Digitally has changed my life.
Enter the Apple iPad Pro combined with the Apple Pencil! I seriously could sit for hours creating, coloring, designing and simply watching my art come to life on this beautiful combination! In fact I love it so much that I carry it along much of where I go. I found this adorable case to make it so much easier to travel with. Not only am I able to draw, I’m also able to keep in touch with our photography clients via email with the keyboard.
I feel it combines my most beloved forms of art media.


my iPad “Be Magical Tee Design” by: Erin S.

I still of course enjoy all of the above media minus the crayons; simply because as any artist knows putting pen/pencil to paper will never be replaced by digital. When one wants to take his or her heart back to the place where their art came to life then put the pen/pencil to paper.

my DRAWING inspiration

My Drawing inspiration comes from
Life, Dreams, Love, and Worries.
I’m inspired by anything I feel could Bring About Smiles.

How does Life inspire my designs?
Life comes in many forms from the Outdoors, to Cute Life and even the Life within one’s Creativity. These are all forms of Life and I love just simply looking around, soaking in the Life around me. These all inspire me.

I LOVE following Samantha Dion Baker’s Draw your days. She is so inspirational. I have her book listed down below in my Amazon links if ya want to check her out!

How are my Darling Designs inspired by Dreams?

Many may find it funny I call these designs inspirations dreams. In fact they aren’t really dreams, but more of dream characters or animations. Such as the Magical Unicorn. She is quite the dream or is she? Only your heart knows if the Unicorn is Real or Fictional…making it Dream Inspired to me.

And Love? How does Love inspire me?
Well this ones’ easy peasy because to me, LOVE is just LOVE.
No matter what color, what race, what sex, ugly, pretty, cute, funny, hairy, smooth, furry, fuzzy, black, white, blue, yellow we are all the same.

I’d Love So Much to Hear What Inspires YOU to Draw & Create?
If you have a moment, I’d love to hear in a comment below!

the E in the “E & C”