At this time we are all safer to stay home away from stores. NOW IS THE TIME WE should be growing our own produce. photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC Buy Garden Supplies Online While Stay at Home Orders are In Place and Grow Your Own Produce! Ordering online without Leaving Your Home is the Perfect Way to Garden During this Covid-19 Quarantine Stay at Home Order! Why is growing your own food important? To us this is the BEST time to start growing your own food. During this outbreak of Coronavirus / Covid-19 simply going to the store to buy food is quite the task, so why not grow your own food to help enable yourself as being self-sufficient. We are not expert gardeners, however with all of this idle time on our hands it's the best time to learn! Per this time of writing, we still have the ability to order and receive supplies we need for gardening and today we would like to show what we ordered to grow more this year. Garden hardware: In environments like ours we need to protect our plants from every type of critter from deer, rabbits, and even raccoons. With that being said we surround all of our plants with some type of fencing. In comes our current situation of being confined to our home by state orders. How would we get the garden fencing we need without going to the store? We went online to look for a solution.Needless to say we were super excited to find this Inexpensive Protective Fencing at Amazon! Bird Netting also is a supply we always have on hand. We have it over our blueberry bush and lettuce. Super Handy! Chicken Wire Fencing is a great way we have found that works great with our fallen sticks and logs to make a foraged garden. Fertilizers and nutrients: Purchasing fertilizers online, we found we had to think a little differently, than we normally do. We typically just go to our local box store and pick up an organic all in one garden fertilizer. This year we decided to order Blood Meal which is good for nitrogen, and Bone Meal for phosphorus and calcium in past seasons we had a problem with not enough calcium. (look how adorably pretty the box is!) These two products we found at Amazon at a Great Price! Another product that is new to us this year, yet we are super excited to try it is this Micro-Boost! This stuff is loaded with Goodness for our Veggies! Another product we also add is Fish Emulsion to the Mix of Things. Of course this is dependent on which plant you will be feeding. photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC PESTS: Sadly with any garden comes Pests! We have a couple of our favorite pest treatments that we have found works best to keep critters and pests away. For Deer, this Spray Works!For Bugs, for easy application we have

Fragrance Free Hair Products Brand “No Nothing” Review

Fragrance Free Hair Products are my jam and this is my review of the Brand "No Nothing" No Nothing is Also Available on Amazon As someone who suffers from a condition which leaves me allergic to most fragrances and many chemicals that are typically within our everyday products, I'm always happy and excited to try new brands! After having used several brands with no luck, I was excited to find the "No Nothing" brand who kindly sent me a few of their moisturizing products for review! photo by: Simply Living NC What first captured my curiousness was there cute little doodle like drawings on their labels!I mean, seriously....doodles on my shampoo? Who wouldn't want this adorableness?My heart loves to doodle and draw so much I wrote a blog about why I draw! photo by: Simply Living NC About the "No Nothing" Brand:-What they Believe We believe in a better world where sensitivity is a good thing.-Their products contain a few sensitizing ingredients as possible.-They sate all of their products are 100% perfume free.- No irritating Ingredients, No Fragrance, No Parabéns, No Gluten, No Soy-Signature Saying is "Say Yes to No" I mean seriously how cute is that?in addition to each label they provide cute laughable sayings like No bad timing, No nosy relatives, No ugly clothes, No worries and No bad hair days photo by: Simply Living NC Products the "No Nothing" Brand Offer:Repair, Moisturize, Color Safe, Volume, and Style & Finish are all Lines within their No Nothing Product Line. Shampoos, Conditoners, Hair Sprays, Dry Shampoos, Mists, and More! Where to Purchase:-No Nothing Products May be Purchased Directly From Them-Amazon Also Sells the No Nothing Products Available with Prime! Easy Peasy Ordering!On Amazon You Can Find My Products which I've kindly Linked Below:Moisturizing ShampooMoisturizing ConditionerDry ShampooMoisture Mist The Smell Test:As soon as the products arrived, I did what I always do...the Smell Test.Shampoo - Nope, No Smell!Conditioner - Nope, No Smell!Dry Shampoo - Bummer, Yep Some Smell (the person without sensitiviites may not mind)Moisture Mist - Another Bummer, a Bit of a Smell (the person without sensitivites may not mind) The Usability Test:Shampoo is simply lovely! It lathers nicely, has no smell at all and rinses out leaving my hair clean.Conditioner is creamy and very hydrating, my oh my how I loved this conditioner!Dry Shampoo is very nice but sadly it has a slight smell that upset my system. It does work well.Moisture Mist seems to be very popular by others, however for me it had a slight smell. My Results:I love the No Nothing Brand of Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner!They both left my hair feeling hydrated, soft and smooth...very well done!I will be purchasing these products again on Amazon, as well as trying more of their products! photo by: Simply Living NC IF INTERESTED, HERE ARE THE PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN THE BLOG

Monstera Vine Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera adansonii) Logee’s Unboxing, Care & Fungus Gnat Prevention

Enjoy Unboxing, Care & Fungus Gnat Prevention of the Easy Houseplant Monstera Vine Swiss Cheese Plant; the Monstera adansonii. -What do you do when you don't have the room for one of the larger varieties of Monstera plants?Well it's simple, you search for the Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine Plant (Monstera adansonii)-What do you do when you can't find this beauty within your local stores?Well it's too simple, you simply order from an online plant provider like Logee's! Within this blog post I'll share my Logee's Unboxing, Care & Fungus Gnat prevention of this Easy To Grow Houseplant Monstera Vine Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera adansonii) Type of Plant:The Monstera Adansonii or better known as The Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine Plant is a Tropical Plant. A Climbing Plant with Dark Green Foliage that Produces Holes within it's Leaves with Age. Plant Care:This is an easy to care for houseplant.It prefers bright indirect light, fast draining soil, and a good bit of humidity and warmth.I prefer to use THIS SOIL on all my houseplants alongside these Fungus Gnat Traps been my saving grace fighting off fungus gnats! Growth Haibt:This beauty loves to climb. A nice way to provide a climbing spot for it would be a trellis, a growing pole or my favorite way is to have it trailing as a hanging plant. I love using THESE MACRAMÉ HANGERS. Propagation:This is an easy to propagate plant.A cutting above a couple of nodes and placing it within water is a very easy way to propagate!Grow it within the water until you see a nice production of roots, there after it can be transplanted into your choice of potting mix. Pests:As with any houseplants Fungus Gnats can be quite the little monsters!My solution are my two fave steps of THESE TRAPS and THIS SOIL.For more information you may enjoy my Pilea Fungus Gnat Blog. Where to Purchase:If you are lucky enough to find one at your local garden center, have fun picking this beauty out! They all seem to have their own personality and own looks. Where I Purchased My Plant:I personally ordered mine from the well known online Garden Center Logee's.The plant arrived nicely packaged, wrapped, and labeled.It did have a few dark spots on the leaves as it was shipped during a cold time. photo by: Simply Living NC   UNPACKING INSTRUCTIONSphoto by: Simply Living NC   photo by: Simply Living NC   NICELY WRAPPED IN PAPER AND PLASTICphoto by: Simply Living NC   NICELY LABELEDphoto by: Simply Living NC   MY FAVORITE POTTING SOIL MIX FOR ALL OF MY HOUSEPLANTS!photo by: Simply Living NC   photo by: Simply Living NC   HERE SHE IS IN MY FAVORITE MACRAMÉ PLANTER photo by: Simply Living NC IF INTERESTED, HERE ARE THE PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN THE BLOG

Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo & Conditioner Fragrance Free Review

For a girl who is highly sensitive to all fragrances, Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo & Conditioner in their Fragrance Free version came as a welcomed opportunity to review their products! This is my Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo & Conditioner Fragrance Free Review! photography by: Simply Living NC As years go by, my sensitivity to fragrances & smells gets more and more intense. I'm just a girl searching for Fragrance Free products in a Fragrance Filled World! UghhhIn comes Function of Beauty! After many months of using baby shampoo due to it's ability to be fragrance free, needless to say my hair was in dire need of help. My hair has been thirsty and my body has been rejecting every fragrant filled product. Also as a professional photographer along the coast of North Carolina, it takes a toll on my hair. Humidity, Sun, Salt, it creates a frizz nest! What is Function of Beauty?Function of Beauty is a hair care brand that offers personalized, made to order hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, mask, and hair serum. They state to be paraben, sulfate, & cruelty free. Offering fragranced, to non-fragranced, moisturizing to volumizing! All formulated to meet the specific customer's needs. Sounds great, right? Function of Beauty was kind enough to collaborate with me and provided me with my choice of two products in their line to give a try. I was guided to their website to start my journey in the Customization of my own personalized Shampoo & Conditioner. photography by: Simply Living NC : CUSTOMIZATION Customize my product by taking the Function of Beauty Online Hair Quiz. "Hair Goals"This was a Fun and Easy Process. The questions range from type of hair, dryness of hair & scalp, and what you are looking to improve with your hair. Last but not least what type of fragrance and color?My Results were: Fragrance Free, Dye Free, Hydrating, Shine, Deep Condition, Anti-Frizz and Strengthening. All Bottled up for a Customized Product for me called "Function of Erin"Pricing of the Products range from: $39-$49 :DELIVERYDelivery of my shampoo and conditioner was like getting a perfectly packaged little Christmas gift.A recycled cardboard box which contained my shampoo, conditioner, two pumps, my ingredient and how to guide and a very cute little sheet of stickers to further customize my products just for me! photography by: Simply Living NC photography by: Simply Living NC photography by: Simply Living NC :BEFORE THE SHOWERBefore my shower and use of the Function of Beauty products my hair was dry, straggly, frizzy, and just looked like a complete rats nest as you can see in these pictures... photography by: Simply Living NC :IN THE SHOWERThe Shampoo lathered up very nicely and felt like it cleaned my hair well.It's for the most part fragrance free, however there is indeed a slight scent of the ingredients used...but not perfumey at all. It took about 1-2 pumps for my length hair.The Conditioner is creamy, slick and smooth feeling. I found the

How to Water Air Plants

How to Water Air Plants is always the famous question with these beauties! These Easy to Care For, Hardy Little Plants that Thrive on The Air We Breathe...the Air Plant. Spikey, Flowy, Pokey, Wispy, Mystical, Easy, and Yes Sometimes even Fuzzy are just a few of the many descriptive ways that come to mind when gazing at these beautiful simple little plants that thrive in the air we breathe! I'm happy to share my method of how to water air plants and little tid-bits about these unique plants. photography by: Simply Living NC I don't know about you, but the moment I set eyes on these lovely little plants, I was captivated by their intriguing ways. First one I saw was perched within a glass globe. No dirt, No Sand, No Nothing! That's right, it was simply enjoying the air within the little glass globe...but surely it would be hard to care for? Surely it couldn't be that simple to just place it within a little glass globe...or could it? I've created a simple basic care guide of a few of my Favorite Types of Air Plants in the Tillandsia Family. How to Water Air Plants Below             "TECTORUM FUZZY AIR PLANT"photography by: Simply Living NC PLANT FAMILY: A type of Air Plant in the Tillandsia Family, which is part of the Bromelaid Familyunlike the Bromelaid, they do not live in soil, they thrive on air. PLACEMENT: placement of your Air Plant can be almost anything your heart can imagine from shells, wood, glass globes, macrame, roots, drifwood, teacups, vases, and the list goes on!*Do Not Seal Their Container*I LOVE finding thrift-store display holders for my air plants LIGHT: Air Plants thrive on bright indirect sunlight WATER: water Air Plants by soaking in filtered water once a week for 1hr & thoroughly air dry on a paper towel before returning to placement. May require misting in between waterings. (more details below) AIR: air circulation is very important for your Air Plants. TEMPS: Air Plants enjoy warm typical home temps of 60-70 degrees DEAD ENDS: Once in a while your air plant may have dry dark dead ends, simply trim the dead ends off like you would on your own hair! PROPAGATION: Air Plants produce their own pups! Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on Air Plant Pup Propagation. FERTILIZATION: Use spray air-plant fertilizer, easy peasy! BLOOMS: Air Plants only bloom once in their life, if you are lucky enough to have one bloom it's such a beautiful thing to witness! WHERE TO PURCHASE: I've mailed ordered many of mine, this is a NICE SET OF AIR PLANTS! I REALLY WANT THIS BIG GUY, HE IS SOOOOOO PRETTY! CONTAINERS: THERE ARE SOOOO MANY FUN CONTAINERS TO CHOOSE FROM:This is a Nice Glass Globe Set, Who wouldn't wanna Sloth Air-Plant Holder, too cute!This Air-Plant Wall Display is so cool! These are also kinda cool modern displays.or a Hand-Holding Air Plant Display....yes please! ...AND AIR-HEADS!    

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Duke Gardens Durham NC a Peaceful Day Trip

Today we took a Peaceful Day Trip to Duke Gardens in Durham, NC.Deciding what to do for our daily adventure would be a typical day for us during off-season as professional photographers in Ocean Isle Beach NC and Surrounding areas.Some things we were both in search of for today were: a peaceful park, beautiful plants, and a nice drive from our home town of Southport, NC. After a couple of google searches...destination Duke Gardens Durham, NC! ....and off we went. photography by: Simply Living NC photography by: Simply Living NC HISTORY OF DUKE GARDENS:Duke Gardens consists of 55 acres in the midst of Duke University in Durham, NC.Originated in the early 1930s when Dr. Frederic M. Hanes had a beautiful vision of transforming a crude land of which he strolled by daily into a beautiful garden filled with his fave flower, the iris.With the help and donation of $20,000 from his friend Sarah P. Duke, his vision came to life.40,000 irises, 25,000 daffodils, 10,000 smaller bulbs, and bunches of annuals were the beginning of a beautiful transformation of throughout the years would become what Duke Gardens is today! THINGS TO DO AT DUKE GARDENS:Tours | will include walking tours, golf cart tours, and group tours.Visit | The Terrace Shop and Cafe for a gift or bite to eatView | Azaleas, Iris Garden, Pergola, President's Bridge, Butterfly Garden, Peace Pond & MoreLearn | Enjoy Workshops, Festivals, and Events photography by: Simply Living NC photography by: Simply Living NC photography by: Simply Living NC HOURS & INFO:The grounds are open 365 days a year from dusk until dawnAddress is 420 Anderston St. Durham, NC 27705 FINAL THOUGHTS:I'm so happy we found this peaceful paradise.Oh my goodness, it truly was everything we needed. A space to breathe in the fragrant filled air of the plentiful plants, pathways, bridges, nature, all in a beautifully manicured park.If you are within a 3hr distance from Durham, NC I highly recommend you make time to visit the Duke Gardens. We can't wait to return to this beautiful spot.

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DIY Small Vegetable Garden Summer Harvest

There's just something about your very own DIY Small Vegetable Garden Summer Harvest.Something that makes our souls super proud of what we have produced in our tiny cottage coastal town DIY Tiny Vegetable Garden! If you'd like to see more as to how we built this Rustic Garden here's a link to my Rustic Garden Blog Post. WHEN WE DON'T HAVE A CAMERA IN OUR HANDS as Professional Photographers, we can't wait to have GARDEN HARVEST BASKETS IN HAND FOR OUR DIY SMALL VEGETABLE GARDEN SUMMER HARVEST Today's Summer Harvest has be Super Excited, you may remember my Simple Planning BlogI don't know about you, but it makes my heart so happy even thinking about what's going to grow from seed to plant to table! My planning paid off and today it is HARVEST TIME at the Pocket Garden which is proudly placed in our side yard of our Pocket Cottage. Our Summer Harvest Has Included: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Celery, Lettuce, Peas, Green Beans, Baby Carrots and Blueberries! photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC Of Course Any Fine Harvest Requires a Couple Simple Favorite Harvest Tools.Throughout my gardening journey I have finally figured out my favorite Harvest Baskets.They aren't fancy, but BOY oh BOY do they WORK! Enjoy my FAVES below: FIRST STEP :GATHER MY HARVEST USING THIS GARDEN COLANDERisn't it just the sweetest of eggshell blue?The Reasons I LOVE this Basket is because it's the Perfect Size, (it's offered in Small & Large) I purchased the size Small, it's Flexible which makes it easy to hang and hold, as well as it's a Colander! Being a Colander makes it easy for me to pick my veggies, shake off the dirt, wash them outside, then Transfer them to my Next Favorite Item my Garden Trug to Bring Indoors. NEXT STEP :TRANSFER MY FRESHLY WASHED VEGGIES TO MY GARDEN TRUG I adore this garden trug!The Reasons I ADORE this Garden Trug is it's lightweight, it had feet to set on the ground, and it's perfect to bring freshly washed fruits and veggies to my countertop. It may sound strange, but the simplicity of the black color just looks simply perfect perched upon my counter. It's large enough I can combine both fruits and veggies at a hands reach. LAST STEP :PREP, SLICE AND CUT WHICH I DO ON MY FAVE CUTTING BOARDisn't it pretty? sounds silly, but it just makes me happy to use! photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC"MY FAVE GARDEN COLANDER BASKET" photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC"THIS is the BEST HARVEST BASKET" photography by Corey S. of Simply Living NC"MY GARDEN TRUG I SIMPLY ADORE!" photography by Corey S. of Simply Living NC photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC"FROM GARDEN TO COUNTERTOP...I LOVE THIS GARDEN TRUG" photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC"PRETTIEST CUTTING BOARD I EVER DID SEE" photography by: Erin S. of Simply Living NC"FROM GARDEN TO TABLE"

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SUPERFOOD OATMEAL BOWL; gluten free recipe

This Bowl full of Superfood Oatmeal Bowl is packed full of goodness & gluten free!Superfoods are known for their Healing powers, Antioxidants, and in addition to these super powers, I've added these chosen ingredients for their Anxiety Calming Ways PS: Those CUTE bowls ...yeah are Those Red Rimmed Bowls are my FAVES!...and that Bamboo Cutting Board is the Best!

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Garden Bowl of Goodness; freshly harvested veggie simple salad

A Simple Garden Bowl of Goodness with this freshly harvest veggie salad will provide your body with good health, hydration, and for me it calms my anxiety as it simply has a way of making me feel good. The chicken is optional, for vegetarians of course!I don't know about you, but I love an easy simple salad that just makes one feel good! This is also an easy way to stay healthy, hydrated & to lose weight.PS: My White Corelle Bowl Seems Perfect for a Big Delish Salad!...and That Bamboo Cutting Board, yeah it's the BEST!

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